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It is a long time as a guitar and oud player for many years and being from Iran myself, that I wanted to have a professional barbat. This was actually the beginning of my research on oud- and barbat makers in Iran.

After a long time search finally in 2007, I found out who are the best oud- and barbat makers in Iran. I spoke with many professional Iranian players like Ostad Behroezinia, Majid Nazempour, Ali Shahidi and many others.

In the meantime I was doing some research about different dealers of Iranian made Barbat and Oud instruments in Europe: I found out that there actually are none.

So the idea of starting a website to promote professional iranian instrument-making art came to my mind for Barbat and Oud enthusiasts all over the world. Now I'm officially working with Mr. Arafati and Mohammadi Brothers.

Enjoy my website, it is still being developed at this time. Any questions you may have, please contact me.

Kind regards,

Morteza Alizadeh

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